01-25—-Starting My Blog

01-27—-The Innocence of Love

01-29—-Donald, My Stepdad

01-31—-Today I Was 16 Again


02-23—-The Hardest Love Story

02-25—-Bert and Eileen

03-09—-A Memory for Travis and Misty

03-19—-I Love Bacon

03-29—-Buying a Final House?


04-19—-Arthur and Marie

04-29—-Not Your Regular Rice

05-03—-A Ramsey, IL Pit Stop

05-10—-28 Cards

05-19—-Allow Me An Opinion

05-25—-Memorial Day

06-09—-Holiday Newsletter


06-29—-A Story For Ana

07-09—-Buddy Colaw

07-17—-Guest Post – Misty Bell

07-29—-Great Quotes I Like

08-09—-I’m Doing Salsa

08-19—-2003 – Golf is Our New Best Friend

08-25—-Gilberta, My Mom

09-09—-Funny Stories

09-11—-For Aunt Lois

09-19—-Our Friends, Marcial and Maria

09-29—-My Favorite Season

10-09—–Warning, nothing Subtle Ahead

10-19—-Christmas Letter 2017

10-29—–Farmer’s Wife 1930s

11-10—–Kenny’s Veterans Day Speech

11-20—–2002 – Dear Family and Friends

11-27—–Thanksgiving is Food

12-10—–Gift and Sanctuary

12-15—–Short and Pleasant

12-23—–Christmas Eve