Favorite AUTHORS

I’ve always been a reader – these authors are so loved that i could hardly choose a single book. I like everything they write.

CHARLES KURALT, newsman, anchor, adventurer and story teller. I hear his voice when I read his books. I’ve read them over and over. It’s nice to have a book you can return to at any page and be carried all over our country to meet the most interesting and kind people. Charles did just that. He traveled the country and he brought us along. I’m thankful that he did.

BILL BRYSON, he wrote the funniest book i have ever read [skip the movie] “A Walk in the Woods” [great humor always gets me]. I have gifted over 40 copies, new and used, and always have several on my shelf, for the next reader. After ‘Walk’, i read all the rest of his books….of course!

DAVE KINDRED, an Atlanta, Illinois native, recipient of the ESPN Lifetime Achievement Award for Literary Sports Writing. He’s a hometown native. His Mom and Dad lived across the street from my Grandparents. I can hear Marie Kindred’s voice hollering out a greeting, as if it were yesterday. I admit I am not a sports fan, but a few years back, it occurred to me, I should read his books because he WAS a hometown native. So I ordered every book he had written. Mea Culpa, for sure. He didn’t just write about sports, he wrote about people. Dave, I loved every book and have gifted them as well.

JAMES ALEXANDER THOM, an author known for colonial American history and his accuracy of the story. If he mentions a bluff, or a spot along the river, or a fork in the road, you can be sure there is a bluff where he says and a spot and a fork. I love his books and have gifted them also.

STEVE FUGATE, an author of singular purpose and heartache. He has walked his walk, more miles than you would guess. He has carried a heavy burden and learned to lighten the load with each dogged step. His book is about his real Love Life attitude!

MITCH ALBOM, thought provoking, he writes a story that leads right to our hearts. His work is a blessing.