This blog is dedicated to Charles Kuralt and Steve Hartman,  storytellers  extraordinaire with special thanks to Joan and Susan for the push.

When I want to be uplifted, I can always turn to Charles Kuralt. I’ve read all his books, remember well his voice as he introduced me to a moment in time; to a person, place or thing that just needed attention. If  Charles took the time, that was all the justification needed to draw me in….or back, time and again, to reread his stories. His heart truly was in all the necessary places. He never spoke of anything mundane or useless and hardly ever talked about things famous or elite. He taught about casual, ordinary and thought provoking and made them important, tantalizing and memorable.
Steve Hartman is made of the same material.  Much as I would like to meet him; every story brings him right to me.  It’s his voice, like Charles’, telling me the story.  I’ve learned that he sees the story with the same head and heart, as Charles did.  His stories bring me tears, laughs, a swelling heart, a moment of caring that can hurt so good.
Life, in all its wonderful and distasteful and loving and brutal ways, is so much healthier for me with Charles and Steve to lend a hand, to show me the good parts I would surely have missed.

I hope I can show my readers a few good parts. You have requirements too.  You will need Kleenex now and then and a kind heart. You might need to allow for “my opinion”. To a fault, I do have opinions. You will need a really great sense of humor. It is imperative to life and I breath easier because of it. Dry, bawdy, pointless, witty and sharp……humor is my cup of tea.

Come along readers. Our journey begins today, January 25, 2019. We start today, because tomorrow we might be too old.

God Bless us all.