Name: (call me Deb)
Birth certificate: Deborah Sue Young (Debby)
Names: Young (17 yrs), Tackett (18 yrs) Schmalshof (25 yrs & counting)

Born: December 22, 1949.  Lincoln, Illinois
Died: TBD, Burial at Kingston Cemetery, Kingston, Illinois

Lived: Atlanta, Illinois, Armington, Illinois, Junction City, Kansas, Ogden, Kansas, Emden, Illinois, Byron, Georgia, Cumming, Georgia, Dahlonega, Georgia and Rabun Gap, Georgia.

High School graduate with some college courses.
Certified John Deere Parts Manager
GMAC qualified bookkeeper
Sewing Designer
Daughter, Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Friend
Writer and Opinionist.

My basic history, 16 lines, 69 years. Concise? That it is.

I omitted my accumulation of relatives and friends . I omitted all the anguish. I omitted all the basest of things, I learned. I omitted the work, much of it without truth and honesty, as I expected. I omitted my untruths and struggles. I omitted the humor that swept me along and kept me breathing. I omitted the funniest people that live in my heart forever. I omitted heartache and good health, loss and lust, fear and determination.

I love birds, from hummers to hawks, from call ducks to turkeys. I have a heart for farming and farmers. I am brand partial – John Deere. I love FFA and 4-H. I have a pioneer spirit, but probably not their stamina. I am a reader. I am a fair cook. I LOVE homemade bed sheets. I am wild about the fabrics I can sew that redecorate with the changing of my sheets. I am a traveler too. I like the drive and the sightseeing.

So now you know a bit “about me”. You really know very little and yet almost everything about me.

Check the deepest recesses of your heart and mind and you will find as much about me as about yourself.  We are far more alike than different. Doesn’t matter your date of birth, your color, where you’ve lived, what you’ve done or who you know.
We’re pretty much the same.