If you already make this or something extremely close, just consider me late to the party.

In our family, Mom was the appetizer Queen, our hors d’oeuvre Diva. We had her famous cheese spread for every Christmas. Made with the finest [read that..common] ingredients, it always received rave reviews. Why we didn’t have it other times, I’ve no idea. I have made it “out of season”. It’s good, but the best during the holidays.

She would have liked this recipe I’m about to share, for the ease and taste.  It is “perfect” with regular old saltine crackers, in the same way her cheese spread is only “perfect” with club crackers.

My name for this fab concoction is Chicken Spread. It’s is like I imagine a pate’ to be, having never actually eaten a pate’.  It’s not really chicken salad, in my book, but my Mom might have labeled it so, in her book.

“The thing is” [a fav family saying], it’s just simple and delicious. I’m surprised I didn’t make it sooner.  Surely there are better perks to old age than figuring out something to put on a soup cracker? Maybe…but I didn’t figure this out til a year or so ago.

If you will give it one try, I think you’ll be hooked….for lunch, brunch, early afternoon or late night snack….I love it!


1 store bought rotisserie chicken [pic a store that does them well. Walmart, Kroger – NAY NAY.  Ingles or Publix – YES YES [I’m in the South, duh!]

Celery    Onion [any kind/green,red,white, yellow]     Salt    and   Mayo

Don’t forget the saltines!

Directions:  Debone your chicken – I only use the white meat since I have a dispensary for all the remainder of the pickings, name Mattie.  Using either a food chopper or your knife, chop chicken fine….as in minced. Put into mixing bowl.

Clean and mince [Rachel Zirn, read that as our handy Pampered processor] equal amounts of celery and onion, to equal 2 parts chicken to 1 part veggies.  Mix and salt generously.

Add mayo sparingly, just to barely hold together. It doesn’t take much.

DONE  [this freezes well in containers that will thaw quickly.]  It keeps for ….. well, I don’t really know how long it would keep ….. cause I’ve never been able to keep it!


Since I mentioned Mom’s cheese spread, it is only fitting to share that too.

Gilberta’s Superb Cheese Spread:

2 lb velvetta cheese block, room temp

2 –  8oz pkgs cream cheese (Mom used 1, but 2 spread easier and taste fine), room temp

2 Tablespoons garlic salt

1 cup chopped pecans

Equal parts chili powder and paprika (start with 1 Tablespoon each) mixed in a flat dish or pie pan.

Mix first four either by hand or paddle in stand mixer. Lightly grease your hands and shape. (Shape about 1 cup portion into a circle or log. I have shaped single serving size of about 2 T for potlucks. After all the shaping is done, roll each in the chili powder/paprika mix to coat. (Mix more if needed). Chill and serve with CLUB CRACKERS.

This is a great holiday gift. Freezes well. I have some in my freezer right now. Wrap your shapes in saran with a ribbon, for giving.

Almost forgot to mention, this stuff is addictive……beware!

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