I’ve wondered from time to time if we should have a sound track in our lives, music scored to the highs and lows, the events, our moods….the ‘Days of our Lives’….. Oh, I guess that sound track is taken.

In fact, I do have a sound track to my current life.  It is comforting, entertaining and almost magical. It is a fairy tale discovery that is wrapped into the fabric of this house.  It gurgles, trills and tinkles it’s way past my house, reminding me everyday of the gift and sanctuary that we have been blessed with.  It is our own personal sound track, an endless melody of background music. It makes me feel secure in a way that no house ever has before. It may be as simple as knowing my prayers were answered….before i least expected.  It is awesome.

I’ve lived in 15 houses as an adult and nested everyone. I could make any place into a home. The cleaner, decorator and project coordinator in me has gone to work on every house. I wanted to put on a good show for friends, family and public so they could see that we lived presentably.  No pig sty here. No wallow.  I can do ‘trailer trash’ into ‘home interior’ in a few weeks.

This house is so different. Maybe I’m so different. I certainly see that this house is the nicest gift ever bestowed on me, an answer to prayers that I hoped for in Heaven, but not yet earned on Earth.

I feel an obligation and joy in making this house shine as a tribute to the comfort and security I get in return.

One of our last projects was to install corrigated tin to the ceiling of our back deck.  It was a finish detail to the flooring, railings and gates but it’s actually the jewelry to a finely dressed sanctuary. I didn’t realize how necessary it was, till it was finished.

The stream, my sound track, glitters off the ceiling, the whole length of the deck. Sunlight reflects bright white and soft golds as if we had strung lights. There’s movement and sound, continuous and comforting.

The sound track of the stream is mixed with the buzz of hummer wings, distant crow calls and whispers of insects and swishing of squirrel tales with glittery silver edging. It is mixed with shades of green, bold and filtered, shapes moving, swaying against grass carpet and edgy bark trunks.

The air is almost still, willow leaves barely trembling as insects flitter.  Moments later, breezes ruffle through to showcase the glamour of a thousand movements of light and shades of green.

The music of the stream is constant, a background to the shimmers on the ceiling and the hummers landing bravely in a  never ending show of jewel tones and mock battles. Whatever I can do to protect and appreciate this haven is not too much.

This home for our family of 2 and 2 is truly a blessing of the highest magnitude. I’m humbled and grateful. I’m secure and sheltered. Home has never before been so comforting.  My prayers were answered before I believed I was deserving. I plan to care deeply and joyously for the gift.

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