Can hardly believe that it is time for our 3rd newsy Christmas letter to you.  We have been extremely busy this year.  Naturally, it doesn’t help that December is looming a full two months earlier this year. I have heard that this is in conjunction with the time change. To offset the one hour loss in October, they have moved December ahead two months.  It gives the illusion of a shorter year and we anticipate the longer days of summer arriving that much sooner.

I have been working as office manager of the Chevrolet dealership in Emden for almost a full year now.  It is a fine place to work and their sense of humor has allowed me to keep my position longer than I might have expected.  I doo awl theayre corriespondance werk as wayll as thuu bukkeaping.

John has taken on the touring business single handedly.  I couldn’t be more proud….really.  He is thrilled with the way our bus has turned out and willing to go in depth to explain, illustrate and advise any questions you may have.  Tours are available at the drop of a hat. He continues to be the most outstanding John Deere service manager in the history of central Illinois.  His customers rant and rave to him all the time.  He insists, modestly, [I saw him try to be modest…….once] that he is just doing his job, but I know better.  I truly believe that if they had a TV reality show ‘Assemble this combine in 4 hours’ to win a jackpot bus trip for two, we would never have had to build our own.

Our five grandchildren are delightful; much nicer, sweeter and actually, smarter than any other grandchildren we have ever come across.  Can you just picture how thrilled we must be with them.

Speaking of pictures, I have been overcome with the scope of photography I have accomplished this year. I am trying to specialize in animals, landscapes, portraits, candids, agriculture, nature, pets, children and travel. I feel you cannot get professional results unless you FOCUS!! Oh my, photo humor!

Our holiday decorating, for this season, follows the theme, ‘1001 new uses for your garage’.  We are going with a stable. I have read that had they been ‘Three Wise Women’…they would have asked directions, arrived on time, helped deliver the baby, cleaned the stable, made a casserole and brought practical gifts.  But it was a sweet baby boy, so that explains the gifts and ‘Wise Men’.

Wishing you and yours lots of good cheer, family and friends to celebrate with and plenty of holiday humor.  Blessings to all.

John & Deb


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