We have both been bitten by the golf bug this year. Well, not so much bitten, as clubbed.

You have to be hit upside the head with something to leave a cozy bed at 5 o’clock in the morning to play nine holes and be at work by 8 AM.  This is a grand way to learn the necessary skills to play in all conditions,[mental or physical]. Playing golf at 5:30 AM teaches you to play in conditions best described at wet, wetter, and wettest.  The top 10 best things about golf at that hour?

1] You are generally the only one out there.

2] You don’t wait on anyone and they don’t wait on you

3] You can loose a ball [or 2, or 3] and no one ever knows its yours      [ps, don’t mark your golf balls!!!!!!!!!!!!]

4] You don’t have to do your hair or makeup

5] Anyone else on the course is probably getting paid to be there.

6]  Scoring doesn’t ever have to be an option

7]  You are getting exercise

8]  The weather is the coolest it may be all day

9]  You look diligent about conquering the sport of golf

10] You look diligent about conquering the sport of golf!

Not that we didn’t play all the other daytime hours that we could work in.  We were able to predictably hit the courses during half the tournaments held in central Illinois. If we showed up to play, they instigated a tournament if they weren’t in the midst of one right then.  We drove to Tennessee and played. Out of our state and out of our minds. The results were the same. We played with the largest Midwest mosquitoes in recorded history. We played with ladybugs the color of pumpkins and the size of them as well, with teeth like baby puppies. Did we get better at golf? Well, Duh!!  We got BETTER at finding golf balls, OURS and a zillion others. We got so good at finding, that, at times we forgot to play the game at all. The real action was off the fairway and in the brush; off the fairway and in the water.

We recorded, in GOLD PEN, the four pars that John made and the three for me.  The pen is on permanent display in our home along with a tee from “THE DEN” in Bloomington. No, we haven’t played there, but we did FIND the tee. We also learned some valuable lessens for the future as we played this year. 1] We always let the next group play thru. Once or twice we lucked out and got to critique THEIR play. They were in wheelchairs, but what the heck.  2] A found ball, in a better lie than our own [weren’t they all], is not only fair play, but we also drop two strokes as a bonus for the find. 3] Three balls per player, on the green, always allows us an option to hit the cup and we never hesitate to play the others ball if it looks better. 4] A successful putt of more that 30 feet requires an immediate photo.

We sure don’t plan to give up such a great sport. We also sure don’t expect to be playing with anyone else for quite some time. We shagged enough balls to play several more summers and the tournaments are mounting in the local area. They know we are out there.   REMEMBER TO PUT THE HUMOR IN YOUR HOLIDAYS AND THE MERRY IN THIS CHRISTMAS.  GOD BLESS


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