The Innocence of Love

The BEST true life story i have ever heard. It is F U N N N N Y and heartwarming and reminds me we were all innocent once. I am omitting any names, but it is TRUE.

Once there was a young married couple with a baby on the way and their lives were fresh and exciting with new love and happiness.  He worked at a factory on second shift, and was sleeping soundly, while his young wife was at the laundromat one morning. As she took his clean work clothes from the washing machine, she found several rubbers in the tub. Now this young woman, 7 months pregnant, in a heartbeat, is feeling her world crumble. The realization that her perfect and happy life …….isn’t, has broken her heart and she finds herself sobbing as she finishes her laundry chores.

She arrives home angry, and still crying, she wakes him with the evidence in her outstretched hand, tears streaming, hardly able to speak.  Now he is barely awake with an almost hysterical and sobbing wife confronting him, while trying to figure out what is happening.   She sobs and stutters out, how could you, and with our baby, and i thought, all the while shoving these rubbers in his face. As he begins to see what she sees, he starts to explain, that’s not the case, i hurt my finger at work and the nurse gave me those, they are finger protectors. He’s doing his best to console her.  As she begins to calm down,  he says, I’m  pretty angry with YOU right now though.  She’s still sputtering a bit, but asks why he’s mad at her and he says “because you think they would FIT”.


One thought on “The Innocence of Love

  1. I can easily imagine this story works even for those people who don’t know you, who can’t “hear” your cadence and your voice’s timbre, your matter-of-fact story-telling with that subterranean wry humor. FUNNNY, yes, but in terms of the nostalgia of innocence, with a bittersweet tinge. I suspect that this theme is pressing on you.


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