Once upon a time, back in the day, long, long ago… get the idea….a blog was actually a “traveling letter”. In the days of pioneers and explorers, on land and sea, you might move away from home to seek fame or fortune or 40 acres, never to see your loved ones, left behind, ever again. Thus a traveling letter was the answer to loneliness and keeping in touch.

You would write a long letter of news about your journey or new home place, back to Mother and Father and the 22 siblings you left behind. Mother would read your 6 chapters, by candle light to the gathered crowd. Next morning, she would add a chapter about home and mail it off, by mule, to Sister Sarah, 60 miles away. Sister Sarah would have been 58 and a second time widow with a small brood of 13 children.  She would read the latest news and add her juicy gossip about Neighbor Ned and his “young” bride.  After writing her heart out in 16 pages, the letter got boxed, wrapped and tied with butcher paper and string and handed off to the neighbors heading south to homestead in the vicinity of 47 year old Grandma Davis and 89 year old Grandpa Davis. They lived behind Cousin Jimmy Joe, in a ramshackle cabin leftover from settlement days.

At the family reunion, on Sunday, the box was unveiled and read to a crowd of close relatives numbering 74. All the wives who had cooked for the last 5 days in preparation for the reunion, set out an abundance of foodstuffs, while the men and children watched the corn grow. Following clean-up and getting 34 of the children down for naps, the wives were able to each add a dozen pages to the traveling letter, as they all had that extra time on their hands before heading home to milk the cows, who would be waiting.  Lastly that day, the letter was reboxed and labeled to be sent back to me, by nail keg, on the next pony express.

In those early days of leisure and pioneering, that, dear folks of today, was a “blog”.

Well, in a nutshell, in 2019, things have changed. We have Alexa to answer mundane questions, and remember a recipe and help with homework. We have machines that do everything for us, brush our teeth and floors, walk us and chop for us and lead us not into temptation. Whoa, I wandered off the track, there.  We also have the new and improved version of a “blog”.

Not quite so simple as grabbing paper and pencil stub, but be assured by the internet masses, that it is close. In five minutes or five hours, or a fairly generous five days, you can have a world-wide blog full of words, ideas, and nonsense for the masses.

Simple? Absolutely! Everyone can build their own site. Take me, I did it! Do not be alarmed when I say that easy just doesn’t cover it. In 12 days, I took a bottle of Viagra to stay up all night, drank 8 cases of Pepsi for the caffeine freedom, bathed once at 3:20 AM to rehydrate, and produced the LOVESTORIESANDLIFE bonanza you have before you on $784 worth of computer repair and software updates.

What if I just send you a letter and you send it to your Mom and she sends it to Mary and………

2 thoughts on “STARTING MY BLOG

  1. I love your stories and your humor!! You have a way of painting a picture with your words! Thanks for sharing your gift with us!! ❤️


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